Covid-19 Guidelines


Here are our guidelines to keep you and us safe

 Covid 19 Passenger/Crew ProceduresRequirements Prior to Arrival

  1. Please enter all information requested on waiver form and sign.
  2. Bring your own drink container with your name on it.
  3. If you have been in contact with Covid 19 individuals, please bring Medical Doctor sign off.

Prior to Boarding

  1. Must have mouth/nose cover (mask) in place.
  2. Be prepared to answer question: have you been in contact with any person who has Covid 19?, if “yes”, need Doctor clearance in writing.
  3. Do you have any Covid 19 Symptoms: High Temperature, Coughing, Shortness of breath or difficulty of breathing.
  4. Your temperature will be taken before boarding, if temperature is high, you will be asked to visit your Doctor and provide medical release for future dive trips.

Items Needed for Dive Excursion

  1. You must bring your own drinking container, Big Blue Dive will not provide any drinking containers.
  2. Bring your own “anti fog” for your dive mask.
  3. Provide your own sun screen.
  4. Provide your own hand sanitizer.
  5. If patron would like food, please bring your own,  with your name on outside of bag. Crew will care for it and distribute as requested by you.


  1. Air for tank refills.
  2. Water for refilling YOUR water containers. Crew controlled.
  3. Soda, in cans, crew will dispense.

While on Big Blue Dive Vessel

  1. Please maintain all social distancing requirements and use of face masks as required by LA County.
  2. While in water during dive, please also maintain social distancing requirements.
  3. While in water, keep regulator in mouth.

Big Blue Dive Boat  Covid 19 Procedures

  1. Please advise crew of head use so it can be cleaned and disinfected after your use and safe for the next passenger.
  2. Only 1 passenger allowed in Helm/Salon, use of face mask required.
  3. No sharing of regulators unless situation is emergent.
  4. Please wash hand often.

Disembarking Big Blue Vessel (end of excursion)

  1. Remember to take all your belongings with you, anything left behind will be disposed of immediately as required.
  2. Social distancing while disembarking vessel.

Crew Requirements

  1. Must wear face masks/covers during excursion.
  2. Need to document passenger information on vessel/coast guard manifest.
  3. Head/Toilet must be disinfected after each and every use.
  4. Dispose of any and all trash and/or personal belongings at the end of excursion once all passengers have disembarked.
  5. Crew will clean and disinfect all passenger and crew areas after excursion.
  6. Crew required to wash hands repeatedly and wear gloves.

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